What do the four colors of text mean?

In each book of the Bible, the four colors used in the text indicate the role of the source. The words of the narrator are black, God's words are red, the lead character's (or characters') words are green, and every one else is in blue. These four colors show up in many places. Here are the most common:

  • Every word in the Bible is colored according to the role of its source.
  • On the Discover screen, the color of the book icons is determined by the natural literary law of principality. The color represents the role with the greatest number of words in that book. For example, supporting characters like Boaz and Naomi dominate the word count in the book of Ruth, so the icon color for the book is blue. 
  • The word cloud background color on any Book Overview screen is determined by the role color that dominates the word count for that book.
  • The bar charts next to the list of books on the Books screen (Discover / Books > View All) indicate two things. The color segments show the proportion of words used by the corresponding role, and the overall length of the bar charts shows the relative length of the book compared to the others. 
  • Source icons and their word clouds match the primary role of the source. Most sources are only one color, but there are some that have more than one role. 

Hopefully that helps your understanding of the four primary colors found in SourceView. If you have any follow up questions, please ask.

Thank you.

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