Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is where you can go to dream up new ways to visualize what’s in the Bible. The visualizations you come up with are kept on cards. You can keep, duplicate, share, save, and delete the cards you create.

Creating Cards

1. Tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start a new card.

2. Pick which type of visualization you want to start with: bar chart, pie chart, or cloud

  • Bar Charts — bar charts are used when you want to see a comparison of quantities side by side
  • Pie Charts — pie charts are used when you want to see the proportion of quantities within a collective whole
  • Clouds — clouds are used to illustrate relative quantities using size relationships

3. Select the information you would like to display on your chart or cloud.

Add Filters
Once your primary selections are in, you can use filters to narrow the range of what’s on your cards. Filters can be selected from books, words, sources, or spheres.

What can you do with Cards?
Duplicate — clone a card to make it a starting point for new discoveries
Save — tap the share option to save an image of the card to your mobile device
Delete — Remove the card from your device

Note: We do not manage personal accounts at this time, so there is no automatic way to share the cards you create across all of your devices. The cards you create on this phone are stored on this device only. You would have to recreate them to put them on additional devices.

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