How to Look Up a Verse

Short Answer

You can go directly to a verse by entering its reference on the Reference search screen. When you tap the result or hit "return" on the keyboard, you will immediately be taken to that location in the Bible.



This is one area of the app we enjoy explaining to people. We've done something no other Bible app has done. We provide two referencing systems for locating specific Scripture:


Book Chapter Verse (e.g. John 3:16)

This is most likely the referencing system you are familiar with. It's been around for centuries. The format for using this traditional system includes the book name or book abbreviation, the chapter number, and then the verse number.

  • John 3:16
  • Joh3:16
  • J3:16

Book Source Occurrence (e.g. John Jesus 18)

The SourceView Bible attributes every word of the Bible to the source that spoke or wrote it. Each time a source speaks, it is tracked as a separate occurrence. (Think of occurrences like lines in a script.) An occurrence may be a portion of one verse, or it may include several verses. For example, John 3:16 is one verse within the eighteenth time Jesus spoke in the book of John. By looking at the entire occurrence instead of one verse, you may observe more about the context. To get to this location in the Bible, you can enter John Jesus 18. This is simply another way to look at portions of Scripture that together have meaning. We know its different, but that's also what is keeps our studies fresh. 

  • John Jesus 18
  • Joh Jes18
  • Jo Je18
  • J Je18



  1. Tap on the References icon — At the bottom of the screen—second icon from the right—you will see an icon of a page turning in a book. 
  2. Enter a Reference — Type in the reference where you would like to start reading using either book-chapter-verse or book-source-occurrence formatting. 
  3. Submit Entry — As you type, results will display. Tap on your desired result or hit "return" on your keyboard to go to the top result.


Additional Details:

  • Results will start to display as soon as you start typing. The more you type, the more specific the results.
  • Tapping on the Book name without any numerical entry will go to the first verse of the first chapter.
  • If you enter a numerical value for an occurrence that does not exist, you will be taken to the first verse of the first chapter of the book. 


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