At the bottom of the screen, there is a navigation bar, similar to what people might experience in a mobile browser. It is broken down into three main components:

Back and Forward
As you blaze a trail through SourceView, it is easy to go back to something you previously viewed. Simply step back through the screens with the “back” arrow. Then, you can tap your way forward to where you left off. For example, if you are listening to a sermon and being directed to open scripture after scripture, you can use the forward and back options to go back and forth to anything you previously viewed.

Discovery Center
The Discovery Center is where you can go to dream up new ways to visualize what’s in the Bible and share them with others. Curious about what [The Israelites said to God] or what [Jesus said to Peter], or what [God said to women]? Go to the Discovery Center to create and share your Biblical discoveries.

Bookmark Menu
Bookmarks represent any place you need to go in SourceView. Bookmarks can be the trail of screens you viewed in your history or any of the main screens in SourceView.

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