Discover Screen

The Discover screen is where your exploration begins. You can dive into the Books of the Bible, learn more about the Sources quoted in Scripture, or observe how Biblical text influences the seven Spheres of society.

For each category, you can either tap “View All” to browse the complete list of items or tap on a tile for a closer look at a specific book, source, or sphere. You can swipe left and right to browse through some featured tiles in the category. And if you scroll to the bottom, you can learn more about SourceView.

Books - e.g. Genesis

Color — Determined by which source type has the most words
Name — Official name of the book in the Bible
Read Time — Estimated amount of time needed to read the entire book
Sources — The number of sources that are quoted in this book and a preview of amount
Spheres — The percentage of the words in the book that connect to a sphere and a visual breakdown of relative distribution

Tap anywhere on the tile to go to the corresponding Book Overview.

Source - e.g. David

Color — Determined by role: black is the narrator, red is divine, green is a lead character, and blue plays a supporting role (icon also matches the role)
Name — Name of the Biblical character
Percentage — Amount of the entire Biblical text quoted by this source
Sources — A representation of the sources spoken to by this source
Words — The number of the words spoken by this source

Tap anywhere on the tile to go to the corresponding Source Overview.

Spheres - e.g. Family

Color — Each sphere is identified by its own color
Name — Name of the sphere
Percentage — Amount of words in Scripture associated with this sphere
Sources — Number of sources who have words associated with this sphere
Words — The number of the words associated with this sphere

Tap anywhere on the tile to go to the corresponding Sphere Overview.

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